Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roman's Delivery

On January 17th, I was having contractions 10 minutes apart.  I knew it was time to head to the hospital because it was a bit of a drive for us.  When I arrived at the hospital, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart but my water had not broken yet and the contractions were not strong enough. I was 4 cm dialated and 90% effaced. The nurse told me my water was about to break and to walk around the hospital to make it happen.

In the waiting room

Delivery Suite

Getting ready to walk

After two hours of walking, my water still had not broken. I had a feeling that was going to happen. So I got hooked up to the IV to start Pitocin which I was happy about.  I was ready to have this baby. Within an hour of Pitocin, I was 5-6 cm dialated and 100% effaced.  And yes....MY WATER STILL NOT BROKEN.  My contractions were stronger and 2 minutes apart. I got the most beautiful gift after that....the Epidural. Love that stuff! A couple of hours later, my doctor arrives and tells me I am 8 cm dialated.  She decides it time to break my water. I was happy and nervous. I felt with delivering the second, I was a lot more nervous about delivering.  I guess it is because I knew what to expect and with the first I was going in blindly. After some pushing, doctor told me I was too numb and not pushing correctly. She was right. I could not feel a darn thing. Roman's heart-rate was dropping. So the worst thing that could possibly happen...happened.  She took me off the epidural.   I was beyond scared. Needless to say,  45 minutes later of pushing and the doctor using a vacuum, I gave birth to Roman without an epidural and felt everything. It was VERY painful.  To my shock, Roman weighed a whopping 7lbs and 14.9oz.  He was also 21.5 inches long. 

Roman Ebraheem Atiyeh
Born: January 17, 2010 at 9:16 PM
7lbs, 14.9oz
21.5 inches


  1. WOW!! Kudos to yoU!!! and he is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this picture!!

  2. What a gorgeous smile! Thanks for sharing.