Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am an organizing freak. It is pretty bad. My closet is color coordinated from light to dark and short sleeve to long sleeve.  My shoes are in boxes with the picture of the shoe facing me so that I know what shoe is in the box.  I also have a basket with all my flip flops. I can't function without organization. I have Ezra's closet and drawers organized as well. I even have his pajamas separated from short sleeve to long sleeve. I don't mind Ezra playing and making a mess.  That stuff does not bother me as long as they have a place to go at the end of the day or when he is done.  I love the toy bins that IKEA sells.  They work great, hold a lot, and don't take up much space in his room. He has two of them. Ezra can easily take his toys out and put them back. The above picture is the one I have but the bins are in different colors. They have many styles to choose from. You can customized it by choosing the bin size and color. I bought one  for $69 yesterday for the new baby's room. Right now, kids eat free with no adult purchase necessary and they are offering free breakfast and coffee for all till 11 a.m.. Offer expires January 3rd.  Ezra likes IKEA which makes mommy happy because I LOVE that store!

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