Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Potato Pancakes

This is a great kid friendly recipe.  I plan to give these to Ezra for lunch this week.  They took me a total of 10 minutes to make and now I have his lunch set for the rest of the week. I made a double portion of the recipe and it made 10 pancakes. I can't wait to give them to Ezra tomorrow. He loves pancakes so he will think these are a treat...little does he know it has sweet potato in it.

1 cup of water
1/2 cup sweet potato puree
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon or pumpkin spice - optional
1 cup of pancake mix
Nonstick cooking spray
1 tablespoon canola or vegetable oil

1. In a large bowl, mix water, sweet potato puree, cinnamon or pumpkin spice, and pancake mix.
2. Coat skillet or griddle with cooking spray and set over medium high heat.  When pan is hot, add oil, and spoon batter to griddle or pan.
2. Cook till bubbles form on top of the pancakes. Then use spatula to flip pancakes and cook until golden brown on the other side.

(From Deceptively Delicious)

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