Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

At 5 a.m. this morning, I embarked to Wal-mart.  I know, Walmart on Black Friday, not fun.  My nephew is a big fan of Bakugan and I know how much he would love the video game for his Nintendo Wii for Christmas.  And anyone that knows me, knows I have to get the cheapest price possible.  I love saving money.  Needless to say, Walmart was the only store that had it on sale and a good one. They were selling the game for $25 which retails for $50. I have been shopping on Black Friday for years.  It is a tradition I do every year but I never shop Walmart on Black Friday.  That is another Well, I was at Wal-mart looking all over for the game.  If anyone has ever shopped at Walmart on Black Friday, they know that finding something there is so hard.  I was starting to get bummed because I was there almost an hour and could not find the game. I finally found it in a stand by the groceries of all places.  I was so happy when I saw it.  There were only two left!  VICTORY!  When I held the small item in my hand, all I could think is the things we will do for the ones we love. Especially the children.  I could only imagine when Ezra gets older and really wants a certain item, how I will go that extra mile to make sure I get it for him.

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