Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baking with Ezra

Last week, Ezra and I baked Apple Dumplins together. They were delicious! I wasn't sure how he would do or if he would even like it.  To my surprise, he loved it.  We had so much fun together. He helped me place the chopped apples on the dough. Of course,  he took a few bites into the apples and placed it on the dough. It was the cutest thing ever.  When we brushed it with butter and sugar, Ezra decided to lick the bowl of sugar dry.

Because of the great bonding experience and watching him enjoy helping mom bake, I will be doing this with him weekly.

My little helper

Yum...some good tasting apples.


  1. This cooking/baking must run in the family. The kids ask on a daily basis to cook or bake. It is so much fun :)

  2. Jason loves to cook too. I think more than anything its the exploring and learning something new. We need to get Ezra a kitchen helper stand.

  3. I wanted to try baking with Ezra to see if he liked it. Since he loves it...I am on a hunt for a kitchen helper stand.